Magic forrest

Just few miles from Dublin, en route to heart of Wicklow mountains lies a hidden gem, although it’s getting more and more popular with photographers. Name of this place is Cloughlea , but is also known as a Kilbride Manor. The small creek runs through is named Shankill and it feeds river Liffey.


The place is divided by road bridge to upper and lower section. In lower section creek id wider, more open, creating few waterfalls and cascades. It’s a bit difficult to capture this place in a way that hasn’t been done, but I find it challenging to discover new view.

IMG_0197 copy
IMG_0954 copy

However, if You walked into upper section, it’s completely different place, closed gorges, stream enclosed by forest.

IMG_0102 copy
IMG_0097 copy

The best time of year for this place is autumn, when all trees are in their colour spectrum, leaves on ground. The level of water plays part of charm of this place, as it’s rising (or disappearing in recent months) constantly changing, creating new features to focus on.

IMG_0129 copy
IMG_0932 copy

I’ve been to this place many times, some years almost regularly, then I skipped few months and come back, just to check how it looks, whether I can find some new interest.

IMG_0123 copy
IMG_0114 copy

Rarely a day or week goes by without some other photographer posting picture of this place. Some are recognisable right away, but I like those that aren’t, makes You think about location. It took me few visits to get over the usual set up point, walk up or down a bit and try  new angle, view or approach.

IMG_0132 copy
IMG_0108 copy

But it is a place I return, I love the serenity of the area, surrounded by rushing water and trees, fills my mind with total calm.

IMG_8100 copy
IMG_0046 copy
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Dingle – moonset kingdom

IMG_0425 copy

Another road trip around Ireland. This time into the Dingle in county Kerry. County Kerry is also know as The Kingdom. Upon our arrival in early hours, in fact still an hour before sunrise, the Moon was still visible over Brandon Peak. This instantly gave me an idea (also somewhat the movie Moonrise Kingdom) for this blog.

IMG_0436 copy

IMG_0433 copy

We started to climb up, Mt. Brandon was our goal, but unfortunately I quickly had to retreat with sharp pain in my knee. So we split, my friend continued to climb up, I went back to car – we made a plane I will meet him on other side of mountain.

I drove over to Conor Pass, stopped at small car park near waterfall. Only due lack of rain in recent days waterfall was reduced into dripping tap. Nevertheless, quick walk up and I ended in the most serene and quiet place ever. Loughdoon is small lake above Conor Pass, it’s amphitheatre scenery is echoing every sound.

IMG_0453 copy IMG_0446 copy

Also on particular place along the shore, there was this beautiful red coloured partly submerged. Together with exposed rocks, and reflection of far cliff, it made amazing colourful picture.

I was there alone for few minutes – it was still early morning, when few people appeared out of nowhere. They were shooting commercial for new clothing brand, which name I forgot.

IMG_0438 copy IMG_0439 copy

I always like to spend long time in places like this, wandering around, looking into different perspective and angle, only to found the most intricate details down at footsteps.

IMG_0444 copy

Time was pressing on, so one more shot from above. The view down to Conor Pass is much better than from car park bellow, even it’s requires slight steep climb. Yet only very few people who stopped there made the effort to do it. I wonder why – just being lazy or dumb?

IMG_0460 copy

I set of, drove over to Dingle, checked in into the best B&B ever- and met my friend.

We had some lunch in one of many pubs in Dingle and set for coastal drive, along the Slea Head. In weather like we had it’s splendid drive, view across the bay to Iveragh peninsula, unfortunately a bit hazy so it was clear visibility. Still, just on horizon Skelligs, Blasket island and beyond Atlantic ocean.

This part of Dingle is dotted with places of ancient Irish history. One of them are beehive huts and Galarus oratory.

Further up the road was one of the places I personally wanted to visit and take some photos – Dunquin pier. The village of Dunquin is the most Westerly populated place in Ireland (apart from island on coast). Sadly, this iconic place is one of those where different angle is difficult, if not impossible. Anyway, I manage to take few shots.

IMG_0486 copy IMG_0487 copy

We went further towards cliffs of Waymont. This offers view of one of Blasket islands – The Sleeping Giant. As said before, clear sky with no clouds and haze didn’t provide any dramatic sunset scenery, but we had to do with what provided. IMG_0493 copy IMG_0500 copy

The next morning weather wasn’t photography friendly – no clouds and more hazy then yesterday. We drove over to Conor Pass again. With friend’s help we got better view, not the usual car park spot.

IMG_0504 copyConor Pass Panorama1

With my friend dog wandering around, once he sat right in frame, so I quickly got snapshot, but nothing to compare with his photos. Check his page :

IMG_0519 copy

Some few last photos before sun was too high and cast strong light, and we ready for breakfast.

IMG_0528 copy

After royal breakfast (we are in Kingdom after all), chat with owners it was time to pack ourself. But before we head to Coumeenoole beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland. It was almost summer day, even date being 1st October. Sun, no clouds, low tide – perfect day on beach.

IMG_0545 IMG_0553

Despite the desperate photographic condition I manage to found small cove, sheltered in shade, away from harsh sun, and got some interesting details. IMG_0539 copy IMG_0535 copy

After that, final farewell. But we were treated truly royalty – each of us was given framed picture, courtesy of our new friend. What a guy! This whole trip – despite the initial hiccup turned out to be one to remember and to return.

For now on, back to daily routine.

Milestone B&B

Kerry photos

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Story behind the doors

There is a saying the story behind the doors. So, one of the most iconic sign on Dublin are its colourful doors. The most prominent location is know as Georgian Dublin, which is on north of Liffey, covering area from St. Stephen’s Green to Grand Canal, including a little less know Merrion and Fitzwilliam Square.


IMG_1405  IMG_1410

As one will notice, there is rarely a two door next to each other of same colour.

Real story of why depends on storyteller. Here are some of the most told.

Two famous writer lived next to each other. As one got regularly knocking on wrong door when returning at late night (or early morning) from inspirational sessions in nearest pub, the owner decided to paint his door a bright colour, so the poor drunken fella will know which is his house.


Another story is, that following the death of Queen Victoria all citizens of British Empire main cities were order to paint their doors black as sign of mourning. Well, the Dubliners were mourning so much, that they paint theirs door in any colour – except black.

IMG_1408 IMG_1415 IMG_1414

Whichever story is true, the fact is that this is the scene you will find on many postcards from Dublin. Most of those buildings are not residential, but corporate offices, with exceptions of colleges, language schools and restaurants.


Due to their historical significance now they are listed buildings and preserved to their original appearance. Only the small corporate logos and modern door bells spoiling the sense of stepping into past time.

IMG_1413 IMG_1411 IMG_1404

IMG_1416 IMG_1419

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My hometown

I just returned from two weeks holiday at home, in Slovakia. I do come home few times a year, but usually for shorter period and busy schedule. This time I had to time pressure, so I brought my camera, see If I manage to get some decent photos. Although summer’s not the best time of year for photography, there was few decent evenings.

My dad found out there are guided tours on Friday evenings of Nitra’s Castle, with access to tower. I thought this would be great spot, as it provide 360 degree view of all town. However, it was a little disappointing due to lot of people visiting this place. The tower’s walk around is very narrow, providing only space for one person. I snatched few shots.


So we walked down to entrance square, which is usually closed on this time of day. The artificial lightning started to illuminate buildings, just as sun was bellow horizon and night started to darken sky.

IMG_1352 copy IMG_1353 copy

The other day I was walking our little dog, the usual route is head into field behind housing estate. To my surprise and satisfaction, this year it was sunflower field, few weeks just before being harvested.  That set my next evening destination.

IMG_1404 copy IMG_1397 copy

For explanation – the strange object in field is air traffic navigation station.,lon=18.054660916328434,zoom=12,type=Satellite

It perplexed people for years, as there is no information on fence except some safety warnings. But it’s strange shape gives this place significant feature.

IMG_1391 copy  IMG_1404 copy

Also I visited another iconic location – Drážovský kostolík. Dating back to 11th century, it’s perfectly located on edge of disused quarry, also a begining point of Tríbeč mountains ridge with Zobor raising above town of Nitra.

IMG_1372 copy

Nowadays it’s very popular place, as it was centuries before, today probably for different reasons. Even on evening of my visit, there were two other photographers among people just sitting in grass and enjoying pleasant warm summer sunset.

IMG_1362 copy

IMG_1381 copy

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Achill Island

1st of July, used to be remarkable day, start of summer holiday. At present bears no significance to me, so there I set off. Leaving Dublin on afternoon, heading to County Mayo for few days. It’s sticky sweaty hot, temperature in car shows +24 C. It’s a long journey, after 2 hours i’m only pass Longford, still have to drive thru Roscommon – probably the least interesting part of Ireland. Just single carriageway, nothing on surrounding, no houses, rivers, lakes, just forest and hills. Suddenly phone rings – friend of mine was driving in opposite direction, didn’t see him. After passing road sign Welcome to County Mayo, first it started drizzle and later turned into constant rain. Hope it’s not what to come. From Castlebar it’s still long drive, need some break after non-stop 2.5 hours. Stopping at local petrol station, a couple on brand new BMW 1200GS are waiting for rain to stop. Finally arriving at Westport, realizing I did detour, should follow to Newport. Nevermind, full tank, just traffic thru town is not what I like. After Newport sign direct me to Achill, trick is they are in gaelic first, english is second language. And on Achill Island only gaelic, luckily can’t get lost. Finally in heavy rain arriving at supposedly the most beautiful beach in Ireland – Keem strand. IMG_1113   IMG_1125 IMG_1069     Evening it’s still raining, so I’m awaiting in car, eating tuna can, reading Pete McCarthys’s book. Finally rain has stop, so grab my gear and head forth. Sunset is behind hills on my back, casting shadow on beach, but illuminating clouds with some fantastic effects. IMG_1055_1 IMG_1073   IMG_1059_1   IMG_1094 At car park I’m not alone, there is some 5 other cars with clear intention to stay over night, so I don’t see any problems here. Into the sleeping bag and goodnight. Morning is clear, though it was raining during the night. Sunrise is over the hill on left, tide incoming. Perfect conditions, don’t know where to point camera first, everywhere seems to be perfect location.   IMG_1134   IMG_1061_1 IMG_1083 1 After 1.5 hour on beach is time for breakfast and little nap. I’m awaken by procession of sheeps gathering for some morning ritual on beach. Some of them make really strange noise. Time to pack up and ready for road. With no time pressure I take cruise around the island. Scenery is just pure magic, breathtaking around every corner and bend, light casting shadows and illuminating hills and sea. Stopping at 5 minutes intervals, taking camera out of bag and taking pictures in all directions. Dramatic sea cliffs, distant mountains. Roads are narrow and winding, real challenge for driver, but I’m having great time. IMG_1138 IMG_1150 IMG_1157 IMG_1154 Finally, it’s time to leave this beautiful place, but with clear plans for return in future. Next destination – Ceide Fileds on north coast of Mayo. Crossing vast plains, only edged by mountains at far horizon, lush green meadows, occasionally dotted by farms and few small villages. Taking some detours again, just for fun and discovering some hidden beauty spots along the route. Another 2.5 hours later I arrived at Ceide Fields. IMG_1170 It’s not much to see there, but this place makes you think and wonder simultaneously. The guided tour is the key, as this place has more history to listen than thing to look at, nevertheless it’s landscape settings is wonderful. Downpatrick head on far horizon for instance. And there is I’m heading next. IMG_1181 I do quick walk around, just to see what to expect later in evening. It’s still early fo any decent photographic attempt. As I walk up the hill there are few warning signs saying “Blowhole”. I have no idea what does it mean, and as I walk to first one I’m speechless. One could say it’s just a hole in ground, but this one is size of house and has Atlantic Ocean at bottom. IMG_1211 Further up is cliff edge, with old look out hut and aerial signs from WW2. As I walk back to car, I met this girl I saw at Ceide Fields. We smile at each other and start to chat. It turns out she from local newspaper, driving along the Wild Atlantic Way and interviewing interesting people, see what they have to say about this tourist attraction. We exchange few words, she took a picture of me, I handed her my card and say farewell. Down at car park I met the guy I saw again at Ceide Fields, he is walking around Ireland for charity and awareness. His name is Ron, so if you see him at side of the road, don’t give him lift. Dun Briste is a sea stack some 80 metres from 50 metres high cliffs on coast of Mayo. The cliffs in heights may not match Cliffs of Moher, but for scenery and “easy” access right to the edge they are more that equal. IMG_1215   IMG_1240     Like those two local girls who came just to sit on edge and enjoy beautiful sunset. I asked the if can frame them in photo, just to give it some scale proportion, also it makes it somewhat different. The were very happy when they saw the result at back of my camera and even asked if the can take a picture with mobile phone. So I gave them my card and said I email the final photo. IMG_1248   IMG_1232_1 IMG_1255 Sunset was spectacular, clouds casting all different shades, shadows and colours. Time for sleep, morning is not too long away. Sunrise on this location must be something magical at any time, but when you see this colours on horizon, it’s just one step better. It lasted only few moments as sun is quickly hidden behind clouds, but this give me opportunity to go down to beach to take some low tide photos. IMG_1260 IMG_1272 IMG_1266 After breakfast is time to leave again, but again with note of return. Next stop is Castlebar, Country Life Museum. It’s free admittance, so why not. Exhibition is nice, revealing history of life that was not too in past, but as it’s full of tourist from all over the world, I take a quick tour, have a lunch a hit road for home.

Arrived home tired as a horse. IMG_1182More photos in Gallery section.

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On the beach

Earlier this week I went for short trip to Cahore beach in county Wexford. Only 1.5 hour drive from Dublin is perfect spot for a quick getaway if weather permits. Which did provide in my case.

It’s long sandy beach, stretches along Irish sea for miles, to walk, explore hidden beauty and get head cleaned.


Being middle of the week it was almost empty, towards evening even deserted. For me this is perfect, as people walking on the beach tend to not look down and often leaving footprints, thus ruining a potentially excellent shot. Also, as tide was incoming all was being washed with water.


If someone is looking for a lot of foreground interest object this beach will disappoint, but it does deliver when one searching carefully with eyes open. You can find treasure at just down at your feet when looking towards distant horizon.

IMG_1062   IMG_1051

As evening descent with sunset behind my back, whole beach was cast into shadow, revealing some delicate features otherwise hidden in strong sun light.

IMG_1043  IMG_1056

Morning was even more promising than evening, with more clouds covering sky and beach spotless clean from previous tide.

IMG_1083  IMG_1109

This was only a short period, as sun rise from beyond horizon and made its way up, it was soon behind usual Irish clouds. But this short time frames is always worth the effort and reminds me why I’m doing this.

IMG_1091  IMG_1088

Not bad trip after all, despite the lack of sleep and typical drizzle on way back home. Will be back, hopefully.

IMG_1116  IMG_1076

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The Burren

This is one of my other favourite places in Ireland. The Burren in county Clare, on south side of Galway bay. It stretches from borders of counties Galway and Clare, creating coast line and ending at magnificent Cliffs of Moher.

On first look it seems there is only rocks and nothing else. But this is full of hidden beauty, only to be discovered by careful and patient eye.


The coast line turning south from Galway bay at point called Black Head, with little lighthouse on edge of cliffs.


On west stretches mighty Atlantic Ocean, it’s waves constantly hammering coast and creating new landscape.

On beautiful day, with sun either rising up or setting down over ocean, weather creates spectacular light.

IMG_9436 1

I found this spot on edge of cliff. Somebody was obviously playing with those stone slabs, probably inspired by previous visit to Poulnaborne dolmen. The very first thing that came to my mind was movie The Spinal Tap, and they take on Stonehenge. So I called this one The Spinal Tap Dolmen.

Quite few times when setting down on location, seagull or some other flying bird is setting down for a little rest. Unfortunately before I can reposition my tripod they take of and occasion is lost. However, this time I got lucky. This seagull touch down just right in my frame, all I fad to do is move tripod head a little bit to one side, as I had everything already prepared and positioned.

IMG_9409 1

I managed to take few shots, before seagull finally decided to leave. But she managed to photobombed my shot.

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