The Rock

This one is not about certain actor, but famous historical site in Ireland. Full name Rock of Cashel, short version is The Rock. Site of medieval cathedral and castle, steeped in history.

As it sits on top of elevated hill, it’s visible from far distance – on good day. It was constructed during medieval times, and it was seat for Kings of Munster as well as site of archbishop.

It is still one of the important and well known tourist place. Since it’s located nearby motorway on the way from Dublin to Cork, it’s a stop over for many tourists and visitors.

Rock of Cashel was for years under extensive reconstruction, for years the beauty spoiled by the massive scaffolding covering tower. In fact, in year 2017 it was first time in generation when people could see the whole place in all splendour.

For many centuries this was also a burial site for village nearby, but since it become full of graves, there is no more place for new graves. Only way is for families, who’s ancestor are buried here to reuse those graves.

From the whole place is great view of surrounding country, and if you find a quiet spot just for yourself, you can feel the history of this place.

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