Photo book

Product review.

As often many photographers came to point of have portfolio book of their best work together to present. Same decision I was pondering for a while. So research on which product is best in quality, price, availability. Quickly were dismissed the offers of 25 pages for more than 80 Euro, product from USA – due to shipping cost almost doubling the price of book itself. Also for practical reason I avoided solely online products – I prefer to download software, so I can have various projects saved and switch between them quickly without waiting.

I narrowed it down to SAAL digital UK and CEWE. The second being recognised as standard in Europe for various photo products, I tried this first. The downloading and installation took good few minutes – and space on disk. The software itself is very intuitive and user friendly interface makes work easy. The issue I experienced – and wasn’t able to resolve was that it wouldn’t allow me to add extra pages to preset book layout. This could be bypass by downloading other language version, but You are limited by regional deliveries. That means in order to get delivery to Ireland I had to use just 26 pages, or use Slovak version with more pages – only to be delivered to Slovakia and then re-post to Ireland. Thanks, nope.

So I went on to try SAAL digital. Their software and installation is much quicker and smaller. Also software itself is a bit less polished in look, but the simplicity makes it more user friendly. The preset layout were i my case dismissed as I rather have full control on what I’m doing. Uploading photos and spreading them onto pages is easy, You can choose the design of each page or whole book, individual pages layout and add more pages. The book of mine was finished in less than hour, but after it arrived I admit I could spend some more time on polishing the design.


The book itself arrived in just few days in standard packaging, well protected. The binding is very well done, thickness of cover on just the right. You can choose thicker or different design. Quality of prints is just top notch – each photo just pops out of the page after opening. Just a excellent product. Glossy paper suits my photos the best and it shows them in best presentation.


Most photos are on individual pages, but for some I choose to spread them across two pages, with total 3 photos on double pages. Even with photo on page spread out, there is no issue with it.DSC_0370[1] I’m absolutely delighted with this book, and in future – after I will again have significant number f photos to put together – I will definitely use SAAL digital again. And highly recommend to anyone.


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