The sequel

It’s been a long time since I went for proper few days trip around Ireland. Being busy at work with combination of long and uninspiring winter weeks bound me to just handful shootings around Dublin.

So when June Bank holiday in sights, I was determined to get out for some new location. As I was making my plans, the memories of last trip to Dingle were still lasting in my mind. And plus the fact last time we didn’t get the best possible – for photographers, not holiday makers – weather I quickly decided to return to this magical place.

This time I went solo, so I just contact my friend with plans for new locations for dusk  and dawn photo shootings.

I left Dublin on Saturday mornings, made a good progress down the motorway and first stop at most peculiar place – Barack Obama Plaza. Located just outside motorway it’s a very busy petrol station with some restaurants. And small exhibition dedicated to Barack Obama visit to his ancestors village.

Leaving motorway behind, Saturday mid morning traffic turned heavy on single lane road, but eventually I left Tralee behind me and on my sight was Annascaul.


Home village of my recent discovered hero Tom Crean. A great polar explorer, member of three major expeditions into South Pole, upon his return he opened small pub called South Pole Inn, which is still in thriving place.

Making my way through busy Dingle town, with bikers from nearby Killarney bike fest going for ride on Slea Head, I finally got to meet Jaro and with nice cup of tea in sunny garden we made plans for evening.

The plan was sunset at Clogher head, so I made my way towards destination. I stoped briefly at beach, discovered some nice details for next day.

With evening approaching we set at Clogher head, with Star Wars film set on opposite peninsula. It could make nice scenery, but it was being taken down. Sunset was rather uninspiring, we manage to get some decent location, but without any dramatic sky.

I stayed for night, hoped for better condition in morning. The sun was behind Brandon mountains, so it was high up in sky when it peek over mountains. Still, view at Sleeping Giant was rewarding.

I wanted to visit sit of Gallarus oratory, and on Jaro’s recommendation also Blasket Centre. Gallarus oratory is an early Christina church, made from slabs of stone without any bonding material.

Blasket centre is beautiful building right opposite the Great Blasket island. It covers history of people’s life on this remote location – even by Dingle standards. Also it was a arch of treasure for Irish language and unique storytelling. I highly recommend to everyone to dedicate time to visit this place.


I returned to Dingle, visited town for some postcards, but it was so busy I left and paid visit to Michael an Barbara in their B&B. We chatted for a good while, with nice cup of tea started making plans for sunset photography shooting. It was quickly decide to go to Dunmore head, with view at Blasket Islands.Clouds promised a little bit more drama with setting sun and we weren’t let down.

We even met a fellow photographer from Limerick, who lived few years in our native country Slovakia, so we shared few life stories. It was a very windy evening, so I found shelter behind some rocks, from where I made few shots, With sun setting down, however I decides to change location and to my surprise when I left my shelter it was a calm evening. Sun was getting down behind Sleeping Giant. All the way from south to north appeared strange cigar shaped clouds. somehow reminiscence of beginning title sequence from Star Wars movies.

It was a beautiful and memorable evening. But it was also a long day, so quickly we made decision about morning location and into the deep sleep.

Morning was looking promising, we headed to Connor Pass, as the weather promised better conditions then on my last visit. And was I for treat – clouds lingering on tops of mountain range, with sun kissing slopes.

With light breeze we were even spared midgets attack, so we could fully immerse into beauty that was in our sight and our cameras.

It was a very beautiful and busy morning – at least for me. Connor Pass is place I wanted to capture for long time, on my last visit the conditions weren’t the best, so I was rewarded this time more than enough.


After a treat of breakfast, it was a time to say goodbye, pack my self and head back to Dublin.

I would like to thank again to Jaro for his time and Michael and Barbara for their hospitality.

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