Magic forrest

Just few miles from Dublin, en route to heart of Wicklow mountains lies a hidden gem, although it’s getting more and more popular with photographers. Name of this place is Cloughlea , but is also known as a Kilbride Manor. The small creek runs through is named Shankill and it feeds river Liffey.


The place is divided by road bridge to upper and lower section. In lower section creek id wider, more open, creating few waterfalls and cascades. It’s a bit difficult to capture this place in a way that hasn’t been done, but I find it challenging to discover new view.

IMG_0197 copy
IMG_0954 copy

However, if You walked into upper section, it’s completely different place, closed gorges, stream enclosed by forest.

IMG_0102 copy
IMG_0097 copy

The best time of year for this place is autumn, when all trees are in their colour spectrum, leaves on ground. The level of water plays part of charm of this place, as it’s rising (or disappearing in recent months) constantly changing, creating new features to focus on.

IMG_0129 copy
IMG_0932 copy

I’ve been to this place many times, some years almost regularly, then I skipped few months and come back, just to check how it looks, whether I can find some new interest.

IMG_0123 copy
IMG_0114 copy

Rarely a day or week goes by without some other photographer posting picture of this place. Some are recognisable right away, but I like those that aren’t, makes You think about location. It took me few visits to get over the usual set up point, walk up or down a bit and try  new angle, view or approach.

IMG_0132 copy
IMG_0108 copy

But it is a place I return, I love the serenity of the area, surrounded by rushing water and trees, fills my mind with total calm.

IMG_8100 copy
IMG_0046 copy
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