Story behind the doors

There is a saying the story behind the doors. So, one of the most iconic sign on Dublin are its colourful doors. The most prominent location is know as Georgian Dublin, which is on north of Liffey, covering area from St. Stephen’s Green to Grand Canal, including a little less know Merrion and Fitzwilliam Square.


IMG_1405  IMG_1410

As one will notice, there is rarely a two door next to each other of same colour.

Real story of why depends on storyteller. Here are some of the most told.

Two famous writer lived next to each other. As one got regularly knocking on wrong door when returning at late night (or early morning) from inspirational sessions in nearest pub, the owner decided to paint his door a bright colour, so the poor drunken fella will know which is his house.


Another story is, that following the death of Queen Victoria all citizens of British Empire main cities were order to paint their doors black as sign of mourning. Well, the Dubliners were mourning so much, that they paint theirs door in any colour – except black.

IMG_1408 IMG_1415 IMG_1414

Whichever story is true, the fact is that this is the scene you will find on many postcards from Dublin. Most of those buildings are not residential, but corporate offices, with exceptions of colleges, language schools and restaurants.


Due to their historical significance now they are listed buildings and preserved to their original appearance. Only the small corporate logos and modern door bells spoiling the sense of stepping into past time.

IMG_1413 IMG_1411 IMG_1404

IMG_1416 IMG_1419

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