My hometown

I just returned from two weeks holiday at home, in Slovakia. I do come home few times a year, but usually for shorter period and busy schedule. This time I had to time pressure, so I brought my camera, see If I manage to get some decent photos. Although summer’s not the best time of year for photography, there was few decent evenings.

My dad found out there are guided tours on Friday evenings of Nitra’s Castle, with access to tower. I thought this would be great spot, as it provide 360 degree view of all town. However, it was a little disappointing due to lot of people visiting this place. The tower’s walk around is very narrow, providing only space for one person. I snatched few shots.


So we walked down to entrance square, which is usually closed on this time of day. The artificial lightning started to illuminate buildings, just as sun was bellow horizon and night started to darken sky.

IMG_1352 copy IMG_1353 copy

The other day I was walking our little dog, the usual route is head into field behind housing estate. To my surprise and satisfaction, this year it was sunflower field, few weeks just before being harvested.  That set my next evening destination.

IMG_1404 copy IMG_1397 copy

For explanation – the strange object in field is air traffic navigation station.,lon=18.054660916328434,zoom=12,type=Satellite

It perplexed people for years, as there is no information on fence except some safety warnings. But it’s strange shape gives this place significant feature.

IMG_1391 copy  IMG_1404 copy

Also I visited another iconic location – Drážovský kostolík. Dating back to 11th century, it’s perfectly located on edge of disused quarry, also a begining point of Tríbeč mountains ridge with Zobor raising above town of Nitra.

IMG_1372 copy

Nowadays it’s very popular place, as it was centuries before, today probably for different reasons. Even on evening of my visit, there were two other photographers among people just sitting in grass and enjoying pleasant warm summer sunset.

IMG_1362 copy

IMG_1381 copy

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  1. Nitra is a really beautiful city 🙂

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