On the beach

Earlier this week I went for short trip to Cahore beach in county Wexford. Only 1.5 hour drive from Dublin is perfect spot for a quick getaway if weather permits. Which did provide in my case.

It’s long sandy beach, stretches along Irish sea for miles, to walk, explore hidden beauty and get head cleaned.


Being middle of the week it was almost empty, towards evening even deserted. For me this is perfect, as people walking on the beach tend to not look down and often leaving footprints, thus ruining a potentially excellent shot. Also, as tide was incoming all was being washed with water.


If someone is looking for a lot of foreground interest object this beach will disappoint, but it does deliver when one searching carefully with eyes open. You can find treasure at just down at your feet when looking towards distant horizon.

IMG_1062   IMG_1051

As evening descent with sunset behind my back, whole beach was cast into shadow, revealing some delicate features otherwise hidden in strong sun light.

IMG_1043  IMG_1056

Morning was even more promising than evening, with more clouds covering sky and beach spotless clean from previous tide.

IMG_1083  IMG_1109

This was only a short period, as sun rise from beyond horizon and made its way up, it was soon behind usual Irish clouds. But this short time frames is always worth the effort and reminds me why I’m doing this.

IMG_1091  IMG_1088

Not bad trip after all, despite the lack of sleep and typical drizzle on way back home. Will be back, hopefully.

IMG_1116  IMG_1076

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2 Responses to On the beach

  1. peter says:

    Reblogged this on Never Stop Learning about Life and commented:
    Hope to be in wexford soon and meet great people

  2. polianthus says:

    Peter – what wonderful photos – what size do you post them at? I have yet to figure out ideal posting size, but yours are perfect – congratulations. I love Ireland

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