The Burren

This is one of my other favourite places in Ireland. The Burren in county Clare, on south side of Galway bay. It stretches from borders of counties Galway and Clare, creating coast line and ending at magnificent Cliffs of Moher.

On first look it seems there is only rocks and nothing else. But this is full of hidden beauty, only to be discovered by careful and patient eye.


The coast line turning south from Galway bay at point called Black Head, with little lighthouse on edge of cliffs.


On west stretches mighty Atlantic Ocean, it’s waves constantly hammering coast and creating new landscape.

On beautiful day, with sun either rising up or setting down over ocean, weather creates spectacular light.

IMG_9436 1

I found this spot on edge of cliff. Somebody was obviously playing with those stone slabs, probably inspired by previous visit to Poulnaborne dolmen. The very first thing that came to my mind was movie The Spinal Tap, and they take on Stonehenge. So I called this one The Spinal Tap Dolmen.

Quite few times when setting down on location, seagull or some other flying bird is setting down for a little rest. Unfortunately before I can reposition my tripod they take of and occasion is lost. However, this time I got lucky. This seagull touch down just right in my frame, all I fad to do is move tripod head a little bit to one side, as I had everything already prepared and positioned.

IMG_9409 1

I managed to take few shots, before seagull finally decided to leave. But she managed to photobombed my shot.

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