Nature given, nature taken

On August Bank holiday 2012 I went for trip with my friend to Kerry. Specifically, location of famous shipwreck Sunbeam on Rossbeigh beach, near Killorgin. We rented a small cottage in settlement called Glenbeigh, which was conveniently close to beach.


This shipwreck is was probably the most famous and photographed one in entire Ireland, thanks to it’s iconic shape and location. It was laying on long beautiful sandy beach, with just beam poking out of sand, with tide regularly washing over, facing west was added bonus for dramatic sunset caption.


The ship itself beached in year 1903. It lasted until heavy storm in January 2014, when huge Atlantic storm hit Ireland for couple of days. The result was massive damage on infrastructure across country, but worst hit was West coast. Only days after storm passed on the most significant damage was revealed –  Sunbeam was resurfaced from sand and moved some 300 meters away to new location with some further damage to it’s battered remains. The following weeks Facebook was loaded with shots that will never be repeated. Photographic community wept in tears.


Back to our trip. Prior to it, I did a little Googling, for I did not know what to expect and also I always do some research before I go to new location. The searching resulted in hundreds of photos, all looking very similar to each other, with very little variations in creative approach.


Due to unpredictable Irish weather we got only two evenings out of four days of decent conditions. First evening was more getting to know, also due to low tide it was lacking any drama and beach was littered with footprints in sand.

However, the next day – and our last evening also everything came together. We were soaked in couple of brief showers, followed by the most spectacular light shows on clouds as sun went down. Tide was slowly coming up, covering shipwreck and then again receding, leaving spotless stretch of sand around.




I was pretty happy with results when I got home. Little did we know this is the experience not to be repeated. As I said early, Sunbeam shipwreck is gone. It was probably beached in similar storm that caused it’s destruction hundreds years later.

Nature given, nature taken. Circle completed.


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