My LIPF success

So far my greatest success and achievement was receiving LIPF. What is that? It stands for Licentiateship of the Irish Photographic Federation. It’s distinction of first level out of three in nomenclature of Irish Photography Federation.

One side of this is the outer side. That other photographer who holds similar or higher distinction judged my pictures and found them adequately good to receive my distinction. Requirements are, that pictures must show photographer’s understandings of skill of composition, knowledge of focusing and exposure and generally to have “photographic” eye – ability to see picture where others see scene only. Pictures are submitted as a panel of 10, where this panel also must be well placed together, all pictures must blend into pleasing composition  – subject, colour scheme and theme. There is no limitation on subject, in fact since LIPF is first level is expected that photographer will show variety of work – landscape, portrait, macro, abstract etc. in one panel. I decided – since I consider meself t be landscape photographer that my panel will be mono thematic.

So I started process of selecting pictures for panel. I had brief idea which pictures will be, should be and might be included in panel. Since I had good run the previous year in my camera club competition (in fact I won novice category) most pictures would be those. And then working other pictures around these.

How I did it? In Photoshop I created new file, then created layer containing only individual pictures. So that’s 10 layers. This way I could see which picture fit and which not, or placing them so they fit together. Some pictures were dismissed and replaced with new ones. Reasons – they were different subject – urban landscape was one of them and it was distracting in way it dragged too much attention. Other were too similar to selected ones, or they colours were again too distracting.

The final version is bellow.

As I said, decision was landscape panel for LIPF, which was bold, brave and quite naive. Since I had not idea how these distinctions are held I took a risk. Would I know what to expect, I probably wouldn’t change anything.

Here I come to other meanings of receiving LIPF. That’s my inner side. Inside job.

The year before was good run for me. Winning novice category in my camera club competition was boost and motivation to improve my photographic skills and vision. I was encouraged by fellow photographers to apply for distinction. Which I did – the last day for entries I send my application along with preview of panel. The next day I planned trip to my favourite spot in Glendalough. Which ended me crashing car. Luckily that was only (but total) damage. Me unhurt, camera intact. But in some way it put me off from photography for good few months. So I wasn’t sure for few days whether I will actually go for distinction. But as things settled down – and since I made application – I did. Good decision. The rest You read already.

After succession I show panel in my camera club and received hearty congratulations from fellow photographers. And few question – since LIPF should be general theme and higher distinctions mono themed, you did LIPF mono themed-what would you choose for next distinction? My answer was – well, since LIPF was landscape, I stick with theme, only I will go further.




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